18. August 2023.

The Lookout tower Mađerkin breg is part of the Good Travel certification program

This year, Međimurje received the prestigious Green Destinations certificate, which obliges us all to behave thoughtfully and responsibly towards nature and the environment. Green Destinations is an organization founded in 2014 with the aim of providing a platform for certification and promotion of "green" tourist destinations on a global level. To this day, it is recognized as one of the leading organizations in promoting sustainability in tourism, and under "green" destinations the organization considers tourist destinations that have achieved a high degree of sustainability according to about 80 criteria of the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism, which approved the awarding of the "Green Destination Standard" certificate for the promotion of sustainable policies and sustainable management of destinations.

About 200 destinations around the world have the certificate, and the Green Destinations Standard is the ultimate level of global recognition for destination quality and sustainable destination management.

Međimurje is the first region in Croatia and the fourth in the world to receive this prestigious certificate.

And in order to show that the Lookout tower Mađerkin breg also works green, Vidikovac is entering the certification process for the Good Travel Seal certificate.

It is a program that offers various tools for assessing, supporting and certifying business sustainability in the tourism sector. All types of businesses in the tourism supply chain can participate, including hotels, private accommodation, restaurants, tour guides, local DMOs, etc. Participating businesses are promoted on the sustainable travel platform Good Travel Guide to responsible travelers looking for green, responsible vacation, and that's what we get by joining this program. In addition, we are obliged to become even more responsible, greener in our business, in order to raise the standards when it comes to environmental protection, and by being involved we also gain greater visibility and recognition on the market.

We are currently in the phase of filling in, that is, entering all the information that they ask us for, such as proof of the legitimacy of work, proof that there is no discrimination during employment, proof that we support local culture and heritage, proof that we do not harm nature, that we work to preserve nature, culture and heritage, etc.

After that, there is an assessment by experts from the program, after which, if we meet more than 70% compliance with the requirements, one of the experts comes to the location to check what we have entered into the system herself. And finally, a decision on certification is made. We have no doubt that we will succeed in getting the certificate because we always take sustainability into account, and since Međimurje became Green Destinations, even more so.

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