Take a piece of tradition with you

There is also a souvenir shop with souvenirs from this region in the info center of the Lookout tower Mađerkin breg. Let's preserve tradition, local stories and culture together by supporting local producers by buying their products.

In the offer you can find everything from handmade ceramic magnets of the Lookout tower and the church of St. Jerome, ceramic Pozoi pipes, Mađerka's egg, and all the way to metal pots and wine glasses that will remind you of where you were with every sip of wine.

Also, here you can find wines from the local winery Cmrečnjak and take home a bottle of top-quality wine as a souvenir, which wins Decanter's medals every year.

Let a piece of local cultural heritage forever remind you of the beautiful Štrigova and the Lokout tower Mađerkin breg.

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